The Currens | An Autumn Golden Hour Family

With two toddlers and a baby on the way, it was time for the Curren family to get some family photos! I am honored that Andrew and Anna chose me to capture this fleeting, precious season of their family. They have two little boys, Davis and Asher, and their first little girl will be joining them in March. These two boys are going to be the best big brothers! Davis is an explorer who also loves a good snuggle with mom and dad. Asher is already following in all his big brother’s footsteps!

When your parents live on a gorgeous, expansive farm with some stunning fall foliage, it’s easy to select your portrait session location. This location is extra special because it is where their family began. Andrew and Anna became husband and wife on this property! There was no better place to document their growing family.  I loved hearing about their wedding and how their life has changed since. They are completely rocking their role as boy parents by embracing the chaos, encouraging their curiosity, and knowing the power of a lollipop! Snacks and toys are the keys to some beautiful family portraits.

I made new friends last night and I cannot wait to see their little girl! Andrew is so excited to be a girl dad. Anna is ready for all the bows and pink. Davis and Asher are already preparing to fend off any danger that may come her way with big sticks 😜 Thank you Currens for letting me serve your family and help you remember this special time!


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