The Goshorns | A Family Session in Downtown Annapolis

Christmas vibes are officially in the air!! After seeing all the cute red clothes from the Goshorn family last night, I am in the holiday spirit. Melissa and Petey are completely killing the blended family game. I loved getting to watch the love their entire family shares! I was supposed to meet them back in the spring for their engagement session. Then we were going to celebrate their marriage in June on the beach! Obviously, all of that changed. Since we still needed to give them some family photos and celebrate their marriage (they got married back in February), we met up last night in Annapolis.

Let me tell you, these three girls are the cutest little beans ever. I cannot imagine that one day the baby girl in my belly will be a full on kid like these ladies! They gave me all kinds of fabulous suggestions for what to name Mini Medina too. Plus, any session that ends with lots of hugs and kisses on my baby bump is a good one.

I had such a blast with this family and I cannot wait to eventually celebrate Melissa and Petey’s marriage! For now, we will enjoy these adorable family photos!


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