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Hi, I'm  Marie!

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Hi, I'm Marie!

My wonderful husband, Daniel, and I got married in August 2017. It was truly a day that changed my life forever. I always joke he is my "complimentary opposite" because he is my perfect match. I love his heart for the Lord, infectious smile, and goofy personality!

married to my best friend


I'm just a Jersey girl who is living her best life in Maryland! There is nothing I love more than Jesus, my husband, and sleeping in. When I'm not behind the lens, you can find me walking the aisles of Hobby Lobby, stuffing my face with Subway, or practicing my calligraphy. 

kickin' it since 1996


In 50 years, I want my clients to show their grandkids my photos and remember every emotion they felt when it was taken. Beautiful photos can last a lifetime (or a few!) and are meant to be shared. Editing cannot change genuine emotion, so I strive to create an experience for my clients where they feel like the best version of themselves. Your photos should reflect you! It is my goal to help you capture the precious moments you want to remember for generations.

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I Believe

I am an imperfect person, trying to show people the love of our perfect God! The biggest lesson I've learned so far in marriage is that I need lots of unconditional love. I hope my couples, friends, and family feel the love I have for them.

loving others

exploring the world

At every chance I get, I travel! In college, I got to spend some time studying in Madrid and fun fact, I speak Spanish. I've had the chance to visit 14 cities in 10 beautiful countries in my short life thus far and there are definitely plans for more travel ahead. My favorite thing about going new places is realizing how small I am in this world. It is both comforting and scary!

creating lasting memories

The biggest "why" behind what I do is my desire to celebrate! Growing up I always joked that I didn't care what it was, I wanted to celebrate it. Life is full of moments, big and small, that are worth cherishing and enjoying. 

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