The Mendelsohns | An At Home Baltimore Family

I love it when families want to have their session in a location that is special to them. And what is more special than your home? The Mendelsohns started their family here. They have raised little Lia in this home. What better place to have their first photos as a family of three?!

Natalie and Dan met in law school. They have been married for seven years and welcomed their first little one last year. Lia just turned one! Let me tell you all, she is sooooo close to walking. Lia is such an explorer! She has tons of curiosity about the world around her and is completely fearless. From learning how to go up and down stairs, crawling on concrete, and trying to eat leaves, you can tell that she is very observant and brave. I loved getting to meet her! I can’t believe that I will have a daughter basically her age this time next year.

Both Natalie and Dan have had to switch to remote working due to COVID. Of course that is a huge challenge with an in motion baby crawling around! They have handled it so well and nurture Lia with love and kindness. I am so lucky to have clients and friends like this family!

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