Baby Medina: Second Trimester Update

Well, it’s time for another trimester update! I cannot believe that we are 2/3 of the way to meeting our little girl. Just like I mentioned in my First Trimester Update, this post is as much for me as it is for you guys. I want to answer your questions and potentially help any other mamas out there, but also I want to document these fleeting months for myself. I know I will struggle to remember the ins and outs of pregnancy (and I’ll probably intentionally put a lot of the moments out of my memory because they are not so pleasant), so this blog allows me to keep a journal of what’s going on! Like last time, I am going to combine similar questions into one category so these aren’t necessarily the exact questions y’all asked.  Without further ado, here are the answers to your questions…


Are you nervous to give birth and become a mom?

A lot of you are already checking in on my mental health! Thank you! I am nervous for the actual labor and delivery part because obviously that will be completely new and wild. The part that I am most nervous/scared for is postpartum life! I have heard tons stories from so many women about all the craziness that can happen in those first weeks and months. Plus, I’ll be trying to take care of a newborn. I have no idea who decided I should be allowed to care for such a tiny human! Labor and delivery doesn’t scare me as much because I know I’ll be surrounded by nurses and professionals who will be there to help and step in if anything goes wrong. However when the baby comes, it will just be Daniel and I on our own (and I will be recovering from the L&D trauma)!


What symptoms have you had? Still sick? Cravings? Braxton Hicks?

Ugh, my nausea 100% did not end with the first trimester (like many doctors, apps, and fellow moms promised 😭). Until 21ish weeks I was consistently getting sick and by now all nausea is basically gone. It only shows up when I am really hungry or hot, but a snack usually helps! Honestly, I feel like I have gotten all the bad symptoms and none of the nice ones this trimester. People talk about this burst of energy, long hair, and ‘glow’ that you get…but I haven’t felt any of that. I am exhausted all the time and get lots of round ligament pain (Google it cause I don’t feel like explaining it here 😜). There have been no really strong, weird, or consistent cravings, but this baby makes me want pizza and ice cream all the time! I could eat them all day long. I did have a wild craving for Cheetos at one point.

No super intense Braxton Hicks, but my doctor said some of the cramping and pain I get is most likely small doses of them. Basically just lots of round ligament pain, which increases when I try to walk or exercise for more than 5 minutes, and in the last few weeks I started to get lower back pain. The only other symptom I’ve had is having to go to the bathroom every hour 😂 In general the second trimester has been easier than the first, but honestly they both have been pretty rough. I am sure that the discomfort will continue as this little girl grows!

Have you finished the nursery?

I’ll keep this short…nope. We aren’t even that close! My dad helped us remodel the closet in her room and we got rid of the bed that was in there, but that’s about it.


Have you guys picked a name?

Kind of. We think we know what her first name will be, but still are unsure on her middle name. And we won’t share her name until she is born (with anyone!), so keep your eyes out for that announcement in December!


What’s the weirdest piece of advice someone’s given you so far?

I love this question! Lots of random women give me their advice, like cashiers at stores or mom’s passing me on the street. I think the weirdest came from a lovely old woman at TJ Maxx who told me to drink some whiskey every now and then (and give it to the baby when she is teething!) 😂

How are you keeping up your energy?

Frankly, I am not. I am constantly napping and taking breaks. When I need a boost I’ll go for a walk, stretch or do yoga, or treat myself to some Starbucks.


What parts of pregnancy do you like the most/least?

I think everyone knows my least favorite part at this point…hello nausea and vomitting! The best part, hands down, is feeling her move. We already have such a special bond already! I am completely in love with her and dream of holding her every day. Sometimes I am annoyed at her for keeping me awake or making me uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You could say I am already wrapped around her teeny tiny finger!



There you go! That pretty much sums up the last 14 weeks! Today, I am 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant, so only 2 more days until officially hitting the third trimester mark. I love taking you guys behind the scenes and answering your questions. Keep them coming and I will make sure to update you all the time on social media!


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