The McGlades | An Alexandria Family at Green Spring Gardens

Sessions with returning clients are some of my absolute favorites because it is like I am just catching up with old friends!! You may recognize the McGlade family from last spring when they got their first family portraits done for mama’s birthday in Old Ellicott City. Well, now they have moved down to Alexandria, their little boy (Nikklaus) is TWO, and they are as happy as ever!! It was such a privilege to help them continue to document their changing family. And my goodness, little Nikklaus is just as happy as ever! This little man’s personality has come out in full force. He loved being outside near water and said hi to every animal he saw! It was the cutest thing. And last night was one of the easiest sessions with a toddler ever!

Tammy and Bill are some of the most patient and kind people I know. They are fantastic parents to their son and fur baby! They’ve lived in Alexandria for over a year now and it seems like it fits them perfectly. There are lots of parks for them to play in and Bill has started another business! I can’t keep up with all their life changes. But I am so lucky to get to help them remember each year of their family’s life! These moments will go by so quickly and getting to remember Nikklaus’ love for animals and cars when he was 2 years old will probably bring tears to his mom’s eyes when he is 22! Keep on scrolling to see more of this adorable family…


  1. John and Nancy McGlade says:

    As Bill’s parents we look at these photographs with such joy in our hearts! The photographs truly capture their love for each other and their love of family! We are blessed to have an amazing son, a wonderful daughter in law and a super grandson ! And of course our grand dog Nidri! These photographs will always and always be treasured ! Xox

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