Charlotte Johanna McShane | A Delaware Lifestyle Newborn Session

Charlotte Johanna McShane came into the world on March 5th and I got to meet her on her one week old birthday! She is a precious little human and I’m telling you…she is a natural model. This was probably the easiest newborn session I have ever had because she was aware the whole time, but did not need one diaper, feeding, or fussy break! I am surprised that a baby like her exists! Charlotte clearly is already so comfortable in our world and she was brought home from the hospital just as the corona virus panic started so the miracles continue. Katie and Charlie are already amazing parents and watching them care for one another as they care for little Charlotte is so fun!

I was the second shooter at Katie and Charlie’s wedding back in October 2018 so seeing them transition from single people, to a married couple, to parents is so cool! I love encouraging them through all these major life changes as they deepen their love for one another. Little Charlotte could not have been born into a better home! She will be loved, cherished, and protected her whole life. I really hope this is not the last time I get to hang out with Charlotte/Charlie/Char-Char!



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