What’s in My Camera Bag: Wedding Day Breakdown

We are all moved into our new house!! We are nowhere near close to being all unpacked, but everything we own is in our house so I’m calling that a win. And I realized that I need to rejoin society as a working adult, so I’m back on my blogging game! A few people have asked me to write a post about how I prep for a wedding day and what I bring. So here it is! I am going to spill the beans on what is in my camera bag for every single wedding I photograph. I bring all of this whether I’m second shooting, shadowing, or lead shooting, but depending on what I’m doing, I may not use it all!


So let’s start with what is always in my car, because some things I just don’t feel like packing and unpacking and repacking every weekend. The following items stay in my trunk at all times…

  • My emergency wedding day kit
  • 12 clear bubble umbrellas
  • My 43″ reflector kit


In addition to these items, I bring along a few more things for styling and photographing the day! I pack up my Kelly Moore camera bag, a roller bag, my styling kit, styling boards, and an extra rain coat for wedding days.  This post is all about what’s in the two camera bags, and if y’all like this one, I’ll follow it up with what’s in my styling kit and what I bring to portrait sessions too!


My Main Camera Bag

I keep most of the lenses I use during the day in my main camera bag that I carry around with me. I use the Libby by Kelly Moore and I love it! It holds everything I need and has a cross body strap as well as handheld ones. After hours of standing and moving on a wedding day, it is soooooo nice to have a bag that I can carry multiple ways! My arms get really tired and being able to throw it across my body and distribute the weight. Plus, this bag looks very professional and polished. I love it! So the reason you’re all here…what do I keep in this bag??



My Back Up Camera Bag

Everything I usually need is in my main camera bag, but I have lots of stuff in my backup as well! I have a big rolling bag from Amazon that can fit everything and then some. It can be a backpack or a rolling bag. And it’s perfect for traveling with my equipment in airports! Here is what’s in this bag…

  • My laptop
  • Back up camera body
  • Back up flash
  • Additional flash diffusers
  • 24mm wide angle lens
  • 18-250mm macro lens
  • 18-55mm lens
  • More back up camera batteries
  • At least 8 AA batteries
  • iPad mini
  • 24″ reflectors
  • Back up camera straps
  • Tissues (not sure why I have tissues in both bags now that I’m writing this, but I guess you can never have too many!)
  • Business cards
  • Anything else I think of


Well there ya have it folks! A breakdown of everything in my camera bags on a wedding day! As I continue to add lenses and gear to my collection, the list will change (I’m saving up for a 70-200mm lens now) so I may do an updated post in a year or so. But for now, this is it! This is what I bring! I hope it was helpful for you all to read and if you want to see more posts, let me know in the comments!


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