Sylina | A Sherwood High School Graduation

Last night I met up with Sylina for her senior photos and it was literally the most perfect weather EVER! And the clouds parted just in time to get some glowy, golden hour action! I get so excited when I know that the weather is working with me and I can put all my energy into being creative without being worried about light. That was last night!! And there couldn’t have been a better session for it…I mean look at this beauty. Sylina is the perfect mix of shy and bubbly and I think that totally comes through in these photos.

And ready for the small world connection? Sylina’s aunt is my old manager at Hilti! Many of you know that before I was a full-time photographer, I worked in Sales and Marketing for a company called Hilti. So I went from hardhats and steel-toed boots (Hilti sells construction equipment) every day to wedding gowns and beautiful florals! It was so great to have my worlds collide last night because I got to see my old manager and catch up a little all while swooning over her adorable niece!

Like I said before, Sylina is a girl with two personalities. She starts off a little shy and timid, but throughout our session, she embraced her inner Beyonce and was a total confident model by the end! One of my favorite things about senior sessions is getting to see that happen. I love getting to help teenage girls feel like the stunners they are! Sylina made a t-shirt and shorts look like an outfit fit for the Met Gala, so I knew that I was going to have a million favorites…and I DO. And now I get to share them all with you guys 🙂


  1. Tabitha says:

    Marie you did an ABSOLUTELY beautiful job with Sylina’s Graduation photos!!.. I wish I knew about your site sooner bc I have been wanting to Thank you ! … Sylina is my baby and I can’t tell you enough, Thank you for allowing me to experience the day through your kind words and beautiful pictures .💜

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