Our European Adventure | BILBAO

City #2!! Bilbao is a city in Northern Spain in Basque Country. It is on the water with a river running through the city and it’s in a valley so everywhere you look there are mountains! The landscape and weather were both peeerfect! Also, there was a huge festival happening so hoards of people came from all over to celebrate which made our few days in Bilbao even more exciting. 


We walked over the La Salve and Zubizuri bridges, saw the Guggenheim, did the Funicular, went to Plaza Nueva, la Ribera Market, Dona Casilda Park, and saw some gorgeous cathedrals. We were only in Bilbao for two and half days, but I think we made the most of them and saw everything. It is a pretty small city so if you ever visit, you really can see all the big stuff in about 2 days!


Here are some of my favorite pics from our trip to this perfect little city…



PS – we ate tapas on tapas on TAPAS in Bilbao!


I hope you enjoyed a recap of our time in Bilbao! It was seriously an amazing city and I highly recommend you check it out if you’re in the area. The weather is unbeatable (it’s like a better version of California) and the food is to die for. 


Stay tuned for a final blog post about London coming up this week!

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