Our European Adventure | LONDON

I saved the best for last – LONDON! It definitely has taken me a while to go through and edit my pictures from this city to post this, but man was it worth it. Daniel and I had so much fun in London and I cannot wait to go back. The cold, wet, dreary weather in London was actually my jam and I loved it…my Caribbean husband, not so much! We both agreed that London is the perfect mix of old and new, especially in its architecture. We also agreed that there is no such thing as “British food” because it seemed like all we saw were restaurants from other cultures. Now don’t get me wrong, we loved this about London and had amaaaazziinngg food while we were there, just none of it seemed to be native of London.


Honestly, I forget exactly what we did each day because it’s been almost a month since we got back, so rather than listing out every day, I’m to bunch it all together. We embraced being tourists and used the Big Bus to get around while we were in London, but honestly, it was very walkable for us and we did most of our travel by walking! London felt very much like Paris to me, almost like a mix between New York and Paris. It was perfect!


Some highlights of our trip were…

+ A sunset cruise along the Thames River

+ Seeing Wicked at the Apollo (it was Daniel’s first time seeing it!)

+ Borough Market was much cooler than expected

+ Tour of Stamford Bridge (the home stadium of Daniel’s favorite Premier League team – Chelsea FC)

+ St. Paul’s Cathedral


And the lowlights…

– Learning we accidentally flew into an airport 2 hours outside of city center (we found a train and worked it out, but man was that a sour surprise!)

– The cold, rainy weather (for Daniel)

–  Big Ben being completely covered in scaffolding the whole time!

– How expensive everything was…I am not kidding y’all this city is pricey.


And now for all the other amazing things we saw/did in no particular order…

Tower of London

Tower Bridge

The Shard

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

Parliament Square

Westminster Abbey

Parliament/Big Ben

St. James Park

Buckingham Palace

Wellington Arch

Hyde Park

Kensington Gardens

Serpintine Gallery

Covent Garden

London Eye

Regents Park

Millennium Bridge

Kensington Palace

Green Park

St. James Palace

Trafalgar Square

The Monument to the Great Fire of London



Here are some of my favorite photos from our 4 days in London 🙂


Y’all this trip was a wonderful way for Daniel and I to disconnect from our daily lives and spend time together celebrating our first year of marriage! We are so grateful for jobs that give us time off (and pay us so can go on trips like this lol), friends and family who put up with our Snapchats, and a God that has blessed us more than we can ever ask or deserve. Cheers to one year!

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