The Eisenbeisers | A Maryland Anniversary Session

It is a small world after all! I met Erich and Amy for their anniversary session last night and before the night was over, we realized that we had actually been to the same wedding and didn’t even know it! They were invited as friends of the bride and we were as friends of the groom so we never even knew about each other.

Other than some friends, the Eisenbeisers and I have a lot in common. They met at the University of Maryland in their campus ministry, just like Daniel and I did! They got married just a few months after us and somehow we never met until yesterday. With all the mutual friends and overlapping life stories, it is crazy that we didn’t meet until now. It was such a pleasure though! Within a few minutes it seemed like we’d known each other forever.

Each year, these two celebrate their anniversary with some updated portraits of their family. I love getting to encourage their marriage in this way and I know they will look back on these portraits to see how their family changes year to year. This is such an adorable couple and I’m excited to share some of their cuteness with y’all!

  1. Colleen Eisenbeiser says:

    They are a beautiful couple inside and out!

  2. Lilly says:

    Love this couple❤️

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