The MacDonalds | A Kensington Family

If you love blue eyed baby boys, this is the blog post for you. Andrea and Alex welcomed little Rex into their family back in August and he has gotten cuter by the day. They weren’t able to have family photos taken up until now because of the pandemic, so this shoot was extra special. Their first official family portraits are a big deal! And let me tell you, Rex is a natural in front of the camera. He didn’t cry or fuss ONCE. That’s unheard of for a nine-month-old only 30 minutes before bedtime.

I am beyond grateful that families like the MacDonalds trust me to stop time and tell their stories like this. Rex will only be this little once. Alex and Andrea will only celebrate their 7th anniversary once. Last night was such a treat because we were able to celebrate all those things and give them some heirlooms to cherish for years to come. If you’d like to fall in love with this little family, keep on scrolling!


  1. Grandma Johnson says:

    Oh my! Such beautiful photos of my favorite family! These are so very precious.

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