The Proctors | A Howard County Family

It is always extra special when a fellow photographer asks me to take their family photos. That’s why I was honored when Sami asked me to take their annual portraits this year. There is always a little extra pressure too! Sami, Shawn, and their two boys could not be cuter. Yes, these two definitely have their hands full with two toddler boys. They find such wonderful ways to teach their boys in the midst of all the chaos. I loved getting to witness them be loving parents to Sawyer and Asher.

Sawyer is such a little sweetheart. He is an explorer with the softest heart. It was adorable watching him want to show and teach his little brother everything! In just an hour I could tell what a caring big brother he is. Sami told me they call Asher ‘Smasher Asher’ and that seems like an incredibly accurate nickname 😂 He is absolutely adorable and moves to the beat of his own drum. He runs, walks, and squirms every chance he gets! Their energy was infectious! I cannot wait to have a little one just like them.

After eight years of marriage, Shawn and Sami are as cute as ever. I loved getting to steal them away for some portraits of just the two of them. I hope in five years Daniel and I can love each other with their level of grace. They are the perfect team in parenting, in marriage, and in life. Basically, I spent an hour gushing over this whole family!! Now you can spend a few minutes scrolling through their pictures and gush right along with me…


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