The Kempers | An Anniversary Session in Columbia

I got to hang out with the Kempers for their anniversary session last night at Lake Elkhorn in Columbia! Daniel and I met them three years ago at a newlywed luncheon at our church. We have all been friends ever since! Jonathan and Daniel play music together all the time at church and you may recognize Tania as my assistant from this year’s weddings! Tania is such a helper and easily anticipates everyone’s needs…exactly what I needed in someone to help me photograph weddings while pregnant. I think so highly of this couples and it was an honor to have them back in front of my camera again tonight!

The last time I photographed the Kempers, it was below freezing with a massive wind chill. And I asked them to take off their coats for photos 😅 They trusted me back then and they did yesterday too. From frosty noses to parking lot portraits, they have given me complete creative freedom with their portraits. I am so thankful for their willingness to go along with my crazy ideas! This year, we added in their little (and not so little) fur babies to get some complete family photos. They were smart and brought a friend, Taylor, to be a dog wrangler while we did photos of two of them. Honestly, I think Taylor was the real MVP of our session because she literally had her hands full. Shout out to all the work that happens behind the scenes to make each session possible!


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