Chip + Jaclyn | An Elegant Backyard Elopement

Who knew that the halls of an Accenture office in DC would be the location of a meet cute?

Chip and Jaclyn met through work, which made the beginning of their love story a little tricky. They didn’t want people to know they were dating, but very quickly Chip knew that this girl was special. They spent months carpooling to work and then waiting before walking in so no one would see them walk in together. Their relationship grew deeper as they bonded over their mutual love for Super Smash Bros and new adventures.  Now, a few years and a cross country move later, they are married. It’s safe to say that everyone knows they are together now!

Chip and Jaclyn became husband and wife yesterday in his parents’ backyard. They had about 10 of their family members there to witness this monumental moment. This gorgeous, intimate ceremony isn’t quite what they had in mind. Originally October 4, 2020 was supposed to be the date of their large celebration in San Diego. For obvious reasons they changed their plans. These two handled it so well and put together a lovely backyard wedding instead! Don’t worry, they will still get to celebrate with all their loved ones next year.

Following their ceremony, and lots of portraits with me of course, the newlyweds went to Silo Falls with their families. Every good party ends with food and snuggles with your new spouse! Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Selden! Can’t wait to keep the party going into 2021 🥰


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