The Schmuckers | A Playful In Home Family Session

Last night I had the privilege of spending some time with the Schmucker family for their annual family photos! They moved to the area about a year ago and since then have welcomed two new children into their family. David and Eliana were adopted from Costa Rica back in January. All of the kids seem to love having so many people around to play with! Life with 5 kids isn’t easy, but the Schmuckers make it so fun.

On the eve of their first day of homeschooling, Jeremy and Kristin invited me into their home for a lifestyle family session full of fun, tickles, and play doh! I am so thankful that they trusted me completely and allowed me to let their kids have a pillow fight and break a few other rules to get the best photos 😜 Seeing Kristin cuddle with her little girls totally got my pregnancy hormones going behind the lens as I imagined cuddling with my own little one in a few months! It really is an honor to get to help families remember the personalities of their kids at this age. They change so quickly! We saw David’s calm personality come out, Emily’s energy, Eliana’s warm heart, Stella’s sass, and Preston’s love for pizza…all in the course of an hour. I felt like a member of their family within minutes of walking into their home. Thank you to the Schmucker family for welcoming me so well!



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