The Foxes | An Alexandria Family at Green Spring Gardens

Are you guys ready to hear the craziest small world story?

I met the Fox family last night and as we were walking to the first location I asked Annemarie and her husband, Mike, how they met.

“We met in high school!”

“Oh that’s so cute. Did you grow up around here?”

“Yes we went to Robinson Secondary School.”

“No way! That’s so close by. My grandma actually works there. She is one of the secretaries.”

“Woah! The only secretary I was close to was Mrs. Buschman.”


“NO WAY!!!!!”


I mean, cmon y’all…that’s wild!! I could not believe that after 16 years they remembered the name of a secretary from high school, but also that they knew my grandmother. And on top of that, that wasn’t even how they heard about me. A fellow mom from daycare told Annemarie about me. What an insanely small world we live in!

The Fox family was such a blast to hang out with last night. Their little boy, Sean, is 18 months old and is full of personality. He is independent and loves to explore. Sean basically ran our session and he did a great job! This little man knew where all the good light was and kept leading us around. I absolutely loved it!! Plus Sean was a little bit of a flirt which was incredibly entertaining. Of course, Mike and Annemarie are fantastic boy parents who encourage his independence while teaching him boundaries and showing love. I cannot believe how patient they were! Sean is one lucky dude.

This was their first time getting family portraits and they completely killed it. I could not believe how natural they were in front of the camera and how just adorable they were! Keep on scrolling to see this adorable family…

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