Trevor + Nicole | A Downtown Sykesville Proposal

Well, the news is out! THEY ARE ENGAGED!!!!!!!! 💍

A few weeks ago, I got a text from a random guy named Trevor who told me he was proposing to his girlfriend!! He asked me if I would be willing to photograph it and obviously my answer was ABSOLUTELY YAASSS! We immediately started picking a date that would work for both us when his girlfriend would be home from grad school. After a lot of back and forth, we decided on April 3rd. That was going to be the big day!

Then, on Wednesday morning, I got another text from Trevor…he was proposing tomorrow! 🤭 With the spread of coronavirus, he was scared to wait. Plus, he picked up the ring on Sunday and it was burning a hole in his pocket. He just couldn’t wait to ask his future wife to marry him! Obviously, I was soooo on board. So he gathered up all sorts of things he wanted to use during the proposal, and drove all the way up to Sykesville from Salisbury to meet me. We went over the whole plan. He wanted to propose at this gazebo because his girlfriend, Nicole, always said it was such a cute place. So we scouted it out, planned where I would be, how they would come, and how Trevor’s friends would decorate the gazebo. He also gave me a sneak peek of the ring and WOWOWOWOW! 😍


Then, Thursday came! It was time for me to head up to Sykesville to help Trevor’s friends set up everything! Luckily, two of his besties are some of my friends too! You might recognize Mark and Gabby from the Christmas Styled Shoot back in December 😜 So we all arrived and they set up lights, pictures of Trevor and Nicole, flowers, candles, and even a speaker with a handpicked playlist of songs from Trevor. I have to say, they did an awesome job! They even helped me take a few test shots of the proposal moment. I was tracking Trevor’s location so we would be ready to go when they got close! Their friends hid and I got into position. Finally…all that was left to do was wait.



A sighting! I could see them in my lens and I began snapping away! Trevor was a genius and decided to bring a polaroid camera to capture their whole date. He took the cutest picture of Nicole walking up to the gazebo that I know they will cherish forever! You could tell that as they walked up to the gazebo, Nicole began to figure out what was happening. It was instant waterworks…for her and me! I’ll let the pictures show you how it unfolded…



After the newly engaged Trevor and Nicole had some time together, Trevor told their friend who were hiding to come over! And they were ready! Sprinting down the hill, screaming and smiling, their friends ran over and gave Trevor and Nicole some bear hugs! Lots of crying and squealing and congratulating later, Trevor showed Nicole that I was there the whole time. She could already see me, but it was so special to be included in the moment! Everyone started revealing all the little secrets behind what just happened. The last minute change of plans, when Trevor showed each of them the ring, how long they knew this was happening, but mostly everyone was elated for the happy couple! I then snuck the lovebirds away for a few ‘just engaged’ portraits of the two of them 💍



Of course, we had to include their best friends in a few shots!



But, there was one last surprise. Trevor arranged for there to be a very small reception (social distancing at it’s finest y’all!) at their friends’ apartment. I was invited to share in the excitement of Nicole seeing it for the first time! It was the perfect cap to a perfect proposal. And now, they get to write the rest! Let the wedding planning begin 🎉



Trevor and Nicole – thank you. I am so honored that you (well that Trevor 😜) chose me to capture this day for you both. It is clear that you are surrounded by people who love you and want to celebrate with you. Your relationship is grounded in the love of Christ, which makes me so excited for your marriage! I know that probably feels so far away right now, but you’ll be husband and wife before you know it! And I am looking forward to watching you guys become one. There is nothing more thrilling for me than getting to encourage Godly marriages! Thank you again for letting me capture this part of your story. I am ready to see what comes next!


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