Jayna + Noble | Washington DC Cherry Blossoms Engagement Session

Nothing is going to stop me from my favorite time of the year to be a photographer! When the cherry blossoms are in their full bloom, nothing can compare to their beauty. I have never seen such stunning, fluffy, blooming flowers anything like them! When couples want me to go to one of my favorite places (the cherry blossoms in DC), and do what I love (take their picture and encourage their marriage), it is a dream come true. If you can’t tell, my heart is full right now!

Yesterday morning I got to hang out with Jayna and Noble for their gorgeous engagement session in Downtown DC at the blossoms! Don’t worry, we took lots of caution to not touch anyone and I used more hand sanitizer than I’ve used in my entire life combined. I would say that my first engagement session when I wasn’t able to hug them hello or goodbye was worth it because we made some magiiiiiic. These two are too cute together to not be stunning in photos! They both have adorable nose crinkles when they laugh, they both are soft and romantic, and they both trusted me completely the entire time. I am so lucky to get to meet wonderful people like these two through my job!

Jayna and Noble have the cutest whirlwind love story! They met one month before Jayna was leaving for a year to Australia, but that didn’t stop Noble. He pursued her anyway and they were ‘going steady’ by the time she left. He even visited her all the way across the world! When she came home, they immediately moved from Texas to Maryland so he could work at his dream job for NASA. They had never spent more than like two weeks together but they decided to move to a completely new state! You’ve got to applaud that level of love and commitment! A year and a half later, Noble popped the question at an intimate Christmas celebration with just the two of them. Anyone else swooning?? Cause I AM.

They are tying the knot early next spring back home in Texas! I am so honored to be a little part of their thrilling love story. And I am thankful that they helped me create all these stunning images that capture their love!


P.S. – The cherry blossoms will be fully bloomed for about another week so if you want to take advantage of their beauty, let me know ASAP! I love getting to explore DC with gorgeous couples!


  1. Joyce Wiesman says:

    Congratulations! I think these photos are the prettiest engagement pictures I’ve ever seen. You 2 make such an adorable couple and we wish you the best of everything.
    Love and hugs
    Joyce & Ken

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