Tips for Booking Wedding Vendors

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I asked you all if you wanted a post about some key questions and things to be thinking about when you are looking at vendors for your wedding. In fact, you probably were one of the people who unanimously voted “YES BLOG ABOUT IT!”

Well…it’s here! I have a pretty strict “if someone asks me to blog about something, I will” policy around here if ya haven’t noticed. I love it when the ideas come from all of you because you’re who the blog is for! Knowing what you want and are waiting for is sooo helpful. So keep the ideas coming y’all! Let me know if there is ever something wedding, photography, or marriage related that you want to learn about on the blog!

With all that said, here are some of my tips for booking wedding vendors! It’s so important that everyone is committed to serving your and your fiance on your wedding day, so selecting the right vendor team is essential. If you’re a #MarieMedinaCouple, I have a whole list of recommended vendors that I absolutely adore and love working with, so I have done a lot of the work for you! But that’s a special perk of being an #MMPCouple so not everyone has access to it 😛

For everyone else out there, these are the questions I would ask myself about each vendor you are considering for your wedding! These will work for vetting all kinds of vendors, not just photographers. I’ve designed this list to be compatible for bakers, planners, florists, DJs, caterers, HMUAs, videographers…EVERYONE.

Does this vendor work well with other vendors?

I cannot tell you how important this is! We all need to work together as one big, well-oiled machine on your wedding day, and most of us meet for the first time that day! It’s crucial that each vendor understands that we are all there as a team, with our common goal being to serve and love on the bride and groom the best way we can!  A great way to see if a vendor works well with other vendors, is to stalk their social media. See how they talk about others and how others are talking about them. For example, the DJ typically runs the reception, but he/she needs to communicate with the photographer and videographer and give us a heads up so we don’t miss anything big that’s about to happen!

Does this vendor care about us as a couple?

If you’re getting married, you want to surround yourself with people who care about the longevity your marriage, not just your wedding. All my favorite vendors are people who understand that a wedding isn’t about one day, but about all the days that got us here and all the ones that lie ahead. I care so deeply about all my couples and their relationships that will be lasting a lifetime beyond the wedding day. I want to do everything I can in the time I have to help strengthen their relationship with one another and the Lord. And there are so many other vendors who feel the same! You want to find vendors who care about you guys as a couple and wants to see your marriage flourish, and they are prepared to do whatever they can with their skillset to encourage that!

Does this vendor view their job as a service, or a paycheck?

In my opinion, the best vendors are the ones who view their job as a way to serve others, not to make money. Yes, we all have bills to pay and businesses to grow, but ultimately we are here to make your wedding dreams come true. And more than that, we are here to encourage your marriage! (See my rant under the previous question lol) It is usually very apparent if a vendor is only after a paycheck or if they want to serve you (while getting paid :P). You can tell based on how they speak to you, what their contracts are like, their email language, their social media accounts, how they treat you and your loved ones at the wedding, and their past clients’ reviews. It’s a completely different culture and vibe when a vendor’s ultimate goal is to serve you and your families as you start your marriage!


You asked, I answered!! What should you be thinking about as you book your wedding vendors? What separates a truly service-oriented person from a business person? What are some key things that will make a big difference on your big day?


Have an idea for the next “For Brides” post? Have a question about weddings, photogrpahy, or marriage that no has answered for you? Comment below and I’ll do my best to help ya out!

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