Britain + Jürika’s Hot Air Balloon Proposal on the Eastern Shore


Britain texted me in March, when he knew he wanted to propose to his now fiancé, Jürika. It was right before a new episode of Game of Thrones was about to air, so I had to text him back later (:P) but I cannot tell y’all how excited I was for them!! Britain and I worked together at Hilti and he was one of my work besties for sure. As long as I’ve known him, I’ve known he was going to be a wonderful husband. He is kind, considerate, and genuinely loves the people around him. And after meeting Jürika…SHE IS PERFECT FOR HIM. She is the definition of adorable, but totally can whip out sexiness in front of the camera!

Jürika has had ‘ride a hot air balloon’ on her bucket list for a while, so Britain knew he wanted his proposal to include one since the beginning. He told me his whole plan months ago, and we were able to figure out the details before the big day. And our lie to get Jürika to the launch site?? That it was for a styled shoot for me! She had no idea he was going to pop the question and the shock on her face said it all. Apparently, she’s been asking him for a while now when he was going to propose, and the night before she asked him again! Britain was so calm and said it wouldn’t be for a few more months.

With weather and wind issues, getting the balloon inflated was quite a task. We had to postpone from the morning to the evening due to high winds, then we had to go to a few different launch sites, then we had to constantly check radar for storm activity! It really felt like the balloon wasn’t going to be an option. But of course, it was as meant to be as they are! Finally, we had a 30 minute window where they could ride up in the clouds. As they hopped in the basket, Britain handed her a letter. She read it (and was terrified of it catching on fire because of the flames about 4 feet over her head!), and when she flipped it over, he was on his knee asking her to marry him. She said yes and hugged him and squished his face and couldn’t stop kissing him! It was such a special moment to be part of and capture for them.

When they landed after their freshly engaged hot air balloon ride, we had to sneak in a few more portraits before the sun set! This couple exudes joy, so a colorful day full of sunshine and balloons was the perfect way for them to say yes to one another. To top it all off, they shared champagne (and lots more kisses) before literally riding off into the sunset as fiances!

Thank you so much, Britain and Jürika, for letting me share in this day with you. You are such kind souls and I love that you both love one another and the Lord. You are so meant to be! I cannot wait to see you plan your wedding and become husband and wife soon 😀



  1. Karen Morris says:

    Oh my! I’m lost for words and I need to cry. This is such an amazing tribute. You two are precious and I’m so happy that God brought you together. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect wife for my son. You both are so full of life and love for each other it just oozes out! I love the pictures! Every single one is fabulous and full of ❤️. Thanks so much Marie for taking extra time for this special occasion. You are amazing! And it was perfect. God’s timing is always perfect.

  2. Shannon Morris Rogers says:

    You did an outstanding job on these pictures! I agree with all you said about Britain and now we add our precious Jurika to the family also. So happy for the love they have for one another and how much you showed it in every picture. God even worked out the timing of the wind stopping long enough to go up in the balloon. It really was perfect.

  3. Mary Beth Tinnesz says:

    Starting my busy Saturday with this wonderful news and amazing pictures has made me feel like I’m waking on a cloud with you Karen. Everything you said about Britain is true, he is the salt of the earth and a warrior in the kingdom of God!! He fiancée is gorgeous and Tom and I are so excited for all of you!!

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