Outfitting Your Wedding Party

The May installment of the For Brides series is coming right down to the wire, but I made it! And this month, I’m talking about the wedding party. So many of my brides ask me where they would get their wedding party’s attire and what colors will look good. So I am breaking down my answers to both of these questions today!



The Girls

I am 100% on the long bridesmaid dress train. Floor length dresses look UHMAZING in every season and in every color. Plus, everyone looks good in them. GET LONG DRESSES! My favorite places for these gorgeous, long dresses are…


David’s Bridal

Kleinfeld Bridal Party

Kennedy Blue


The Guys

The only real decision to make with the guys is suit or tux. I’ve seen a big shift toward suits being the more popular choice in the past few year. And it makes sense to me! Because suits are more versatile once the wedding is over, so it’s easier to convince your guys to buy them for your wedding! I usually recommend buying the suits over renting them because every needs a few nice suits and this is a great occasion to add one to the closet. Here are my recommendations for where to get suits/tuxedos for your boys…

Men’s Warehouse

J. Crew

Joseph A Bank





The Girls

I already talked about my preference of long dresses, but what color should they be? Honestly, there isn’t one color that’s better than another. That’s entirely up to you and what you want your wedding to look like. My only advice is that generally, neutral colors are going to look good on everyone and in photos. By neutrals, I don’t just mean white and grey. I mean lighter, slightly more muted colors like blush, mint, lavender, dusty blue, grey, light salmon, mauve, burgundy, black, navy, etc. I think some version of blush/light pink is the most popular color and I LOVE IT.  Keep in mind the skin tones of your girls and your wedding colors when picking your dresses. Also, these more subtle colors (aka not hot pink) don’t overwhelm the camera in photos. They look beautiful and add a wonderful pop without being too much. Plus, they don’t take attention away from YOU, the bride, in photos! They just compliment and enhance your beautiful white dress 😀

A quick note on flowers: I would make sure your flowers fall in this same color palette. Consider all the colors that will be combined on your big day! Sticking with neutrals helps make sure they will all look together without having to think too much about it.


The Guys

As usual, dressing guys is a lot easier than dressing girls! The neutrals guideline is still in effect here. I think grey, navy, and black are the best options for guys. They look good on everyone and will compliment bridesmaid colors. Personally, light grey outfits are my favorite for photography reasons – they are a lighter color, which fits my style, and they help brighten the whole image.  If your groomsmen will be buying their attire, it makes sense to ask them to buy a color they will use again. In my opinion, every guy should eventually have a nice suit in those three colors so you’re really just helping them out 😛 (Whatever ya gotta tell yourself, right?)

I wouldn’t make the groomsmen’s main color the same as the bridesmaids’. If your girls are wearing navy dresses, I would put the guys in grey or black. Too much of the same dominant color can start to look a little funky. I made this mistake at our wedding and I wish I had the guys in grey! So learn from my mistakes y’all. Finding ways to incorporate the color of the bridesmaids dresses into the groomsmen’s attire is always a good idea. Usually I see it in ties/bowties, pocket squares, and boutonnieres. It’s so important to keep a cohesive look throughout your wedding day!


That’s it! That’s my advice for outfitting your wedding party! I hope it was helpful. As always, if you’re one of my #MMPBrides and you have more questions, please reach out! I’d love to help you think through your day’s color palette and execution. Let me know if this was helpful and what you want my next For Brides post to be about!

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