Announcing Baby Webster | An In-Home Maternity Session

My friend is having a baby!!!!!!

A few weeks ago, Allie and I were talking about doing a headshot swap soon and she let me in on some big news…she was pregnant! It was so new and exciting and I was honored to be let in on the secret. On Friday, we finally got the chance to get together and I took some photos for her and her husband in their home to announce the new addition to their family.

First off, their new home is beyond perfect for photos. Every single room as amazing light and was so well decorated. I may need to elicit Allie’s help with Daniel and I decide to take the plunge and buy a house because wow it was perfect!! And these two…SO ADORABLE. They were pro snugglers, confetti throwers, and Tommy is a natural at the tuck-her-hair-behind-her-ear pose. Baby Webster has two amazing parents already and I cannot wait to keep celebrating with these two over the next few months as they prepare for the arrival of their child!

Oh, and did I mention that Allie is a newborn photographer?? So it was extra special to get to take the very first photos of her (almost) newborn. Like a true pro, she fought through a cold and first trimester sickness to get these stunning shots. And Tommy drove for 2 hours in the snowstorm to come home for these! So THANK YOU to both of them for being amazing and I think y’all will agree with me when I say it all was worth it…check these out!

Also, don’t worry y’all…Allie and Tyler have already announced their big news! I’m not spilling their beans 🙂

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