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It’s finally here!!! After months of preparing for this day, my new site and new name are officially launched! YAY.  Hello and welcome to Marie Medina Photography friends. I am thrilled you’re here and am so appreciative of your support.

This rebrand has been a dream for a while now and it doesn’t feel real that I’m finally sharing it with all of you. I’ve spent the last few months glued to my laptop trying to figure out the best way to serve all of you with this new site. Basically, that means lots of late nights, early mornings, talking to mentors, and trying to avoid being clinically diagnosed with OCD for all of the details I’ve changed about 100 times. BUT IT IS HERE! And it was very worth it.

Welcome to the new Marie Medina Photography! I’ve never done a full rebrand like this, and I am hoping that I never have to do one this big again because it was A LOT of work. This business started in college when I saved up my whole freshman year to purchase my first DSLR camera. I got it simply because I liked taking photos and I wanted to take better photos of my friends and family. I still remember coming home after spending hundreds of dollars on a new camera and my whole family didn’t realize how long I spent saving for it! They all thought it was an impulse purchase, but it was planned out for months.

Fast forward a year later, and my then boyfriend, now husband, Daniel was graduating from college. I broke out my fancy (I had no idea how much fancier cameras could be) camera and took his senior photos around campus. I knew nothing about light, ISO, aperture, shutter speed, or posing. Then a few weeks later I took some photos of a girl on my RA staff and her friends who were also graduating. At the end of the session, they gave me $30…and my mind was BLOWN. I COULD GET PAID FOR THIS?! WHAT?? I had always loved taking photos and it never crossed my mind that it could make me money.

Keep fast forwarding to today, when I am a full-time photographer and entrepreneur. I own my own photography business and capture the biggest day of people’s lives for a living. This was legitimately a dream I didn’t even know I had come true. Being a full-time photographer felt like a mystical, magical job that would be “super cool” but it was unrealistic for me. WELL DREAMS COME TRUE Y’ALL. Dream big!

This rebrand symbolizes this new stage of my life. Wedding photography is my job, my passion, and favorite thing to do! I wanted to rebrand to make it easier for my couples to see my work, get to know me, and learn what it means to be a #MarieMedinaCouple. I want to answer your questions before you even have them and be very upfront about who I am and what I believe. I hope this new site does all of that!

Please click around, scroll through, and have fun on the new mariemedinaphotography.com! Once you’ve seen it all, send me a note and let me know what you think. This is still a work in progress and if there is anything you want to see that you don’t, tell me! I want this site to serve you all as best as it can. Thanks for stopping by and following along!

  1. Jill Maddox says:

    So excited for you!!

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