Tess and Johnny | A Downtown Frederick Proposal in Baker Park

“It was the first place I knew she was special.”

When I asked Johnny why he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, Tess, at Baker Park in downtown Frederick, that’s what he said. Baker Park was the first time he knew she was the one for him. Then they got caught in a flash flood and had to hid under a gazebo to hide from the downpour! Rain has been a big part of the big moments in their relationship so far, but despite the forecast, it held off yesterday for their perfect proposal.

Johnny and I met up a week before he was planning to propose and scouted the perfect spot for him to pop the question. Plan A, was to propose the gazebo, but we found out that due to a wedding happening the same day, it was reserved. So Plan B it was! Johnny and I sent countless texts, photos, and vidoes back and forth to pick the location for Plan B. He found the cutest stairs in the park and we both knew it was ordained for the proposal to happen here. He was obviously so excited and just kept telling me, “I want it to be perfect, I just want it to be perfect.” AND IT WAS Y’ALL. Both of their families are local so he had all of them waiting on a nearby bridge to watch and celebrate with them.

 This was the original spot! We took some practice shots a week before it was all going down.
Johnny showed me the ring when we first met up!! I was so in love I had to take some pictures of it. It is so stunning!

Johnny’s mother and sister arrived early and set up a gorgeous pathway of roses, candles, and petals. Tess’ mom had the cutest idea to put the candles in mason jars!

After it was all set up, we were ready to wait! The family all went over to the bridge and secured their spots to watch the big moment. I hid behind, well kind of in, the bushes nearby and the waiting began. We waited for what felt like hours, but it actually was probably less than 10 minutes. (Fun side fact, Tess and Johnny’s sister, Joy, are in my small group so I’m actually really close with them both! The whole time we were waiting, I was furiously texting Joy because someone on the bridge was tracking their phones.) Then the moment came when I get a text from Joy saying they had parked and then I see them come around the corner…

 Those two little people are them!! My heart is racing at this moment…and I am fully inside the bush now.

As they got closer, I swung around to get a better view. You could tell that Tess did not know what was happening until she turned the corner and saw the roses and candles! Seriously watching these two in this incredibly special moment gave me all the heart eyes. I may or may not have teared up a little…

After the family’s hugs and tears subsided, they had to leave to put the finishing touches on the after party. As they left, I stole a few moments with the newly engaged love birds for ‘just engaged’ portaits! These are some of my favorite photos of all time y’all. There is nothing like having JUST said “yes” to bring real joy and giggles to engagement photos. They could not stop smiling and I was not complaining! Look at these two fiances 🙂

What a day! Johnny and Tess, thank you for including me in this big day for you both. I am so happy to call you both friends. The way that you two love and serve your families shows me that you were made for marriage. You were made to bring people together. It was obvious that both of your families are beyond excited about your upcoming marriage, which tells me you are setting yourselves up for success. Enjoy being engaged, it doesn’t last long! You will be married for many decades, but only be engaged for a few months. Feel the anticipation, celebrate with everyone you meet, and learn to love one another unconditionally. Tess, I cannot wait to see what a beautiful bride you will be…my jaw is dropping already! Johnny, the amount of thought and care that you put into this day for Tess assures me that you will love and serve her for the rest of your life. I love you both! 

Congratulations future Mr. and Mrs. Ruffa! 

 Thank you to the Johnson and Ruffa families for letting me be part of your families for the day! I am sure the after party was gorgeous. You are all so sweet and getting to celebrate with you for a little bit was so so fun! Congratulations to all of you as well!



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