Marion and Elijah | A Historic London Town and Gardens Engagement

The first session of 2019 is in the books! It feels so good to be back behind the camera and serving beautiful couples who love each other. Last night, I got to spend golden hour with Marion and Elijah at the Historic Londton Town and Gardens in Edgewater, MD. I had never shot there before, but the staff was so nice and helpful and let us take photos even though they had an event happening later that evening. And it was gorgeous! I can’t imagine how beautiful it is in the spring and summer. 

Speaking of gorgeous things…have you seen these two?? Marion and I met in college at the University of Maryland where she lived across the hall from me. There were very few freshmen on our floor, so her and her roommate were some of our only friends in our building. I am so thankful for her! She started dating Elijah around the same time Daniel and I did so the connections go on and on. I love rekindling friendships through photography and getting to serve them and their loved ones during a special time in their lives.

Marion and Elijah were born to be in front of the camera. They were pro gigglers, Elijah has a killer smoulder, and they just fit together like two puzzle pieces. Everything about last night was perfect! I cannot wait to show you guys some of the magic we made and Marion’s envious baby blues 🙂