Blair | A Penn State College of Medicine Graduation

Introducing Blair Streater, M.D.! Sunday afternoon I drove up to Hershey, PA to meet up with Blair for her senior session. She will graduate from Penn State College of Medicine this spring and then it’s time to watch out! This girl is going to be the greatest pediatric gastroenterologist this world has seen y’all. I would totally trust her with my imaginary children. And you want to know the icing on the cake? She is a stunner! Seriously, talk about the perfect combo of brains and beauty!


I like a lot of icing on my cake, which is good because there is MORE icing on this cake…Blair is one of my friends too! She was a fellow bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding last September. There’s nothing like being in the middle of the Taos mountains with no civilization for miles to really bring people together, and then nothing like the rolling hills of Pennsylvania to bring them back together a year later. 


Let me take a few more moments to gush about Blair before I show you some of my favorites from her session…she is beautiful inside and out, is an incredibly genuine person, has a hilarious sense of humor, isn’t afraid to be herself, and ROCKS a yellow jumpsuit!! Y’all know I am a fan of jumpsuits, but I am pretty sure I will never come close to looking as good in one as she does. Okay, okay, time for some photos!!

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