The Lingberg Sisters | A Howard County Mini Session

One major sign that fall is officially here for us photographers is when mini sessions are in full swing! These two gorgeous sisters definitely stole the show at Saturday’s mini sessions and I was not mad about it. Geena and I actually were RAs together in college at the University of Maryland so we are forever part of the #LPFam and getting to see her again was SUCH a treat for me! I have always thought that she is one of the most naturally beautiful, joyful, and genuine women I know. It was not a surprise to me when she absolutely ROCKED IT in front of the camera.


Knowing how amazing Geena is, it was natural that her little sister Emma was equally as goofy and fun! Emma goes to the University of Miami and let me tell you, I was for sure jealous of her tan in October. Seeing these two together really made me wish I had a sister growing up and I am hoping that sister sessions become even more of a thing because this was so dang fun!!


And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – some photos from our session! Beware: extreme gorgeousness is coming…

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