Luke and Carra | A Bethany Beach Anniversary

What a weekend! We spent Saturday and Sunday at Bethany Beach with my family and it was just what the doctor ordered. Sunshine, salty air, wave jumping, and ice cream eating were exactly what I needed. Aaaannndddd I got to take some portraits for my brother and his wife for their anniversary! All my sister dreams came true because I got to share clothes with my sister in law AND take pictures of her.


They got married last Labor Day and are moving to London in August, so this was the last time we will see them for a while. Even though that is super sad, the photos are super gorgeous! I actually cannot narrow it down to a few favs…so lots of favs are coming. I have actually never done a session at the beach, but yesterday certainly made me want to do more. I mean, this light y’all! I can’t wait to show you these!


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