Matthew + Brooke | An Autumn Engagement at the Howard County Conservancy

Last night I had the privilege of photographing Matt and Brooke for their engagement sessions and WOW. There are not words to describe how cute these two are together, but I’ll try.

They are clearly made for one another. They both are goofy and fun, but also know that love and marriage takes a lot of hard work and commitment. Matt kept Brooke giggling and laughing the entire session! It was adorable to see how effortlessly they fit together. After only one hour with them I could tell that they bring out the best in one another. They are more than just two kids in love, they are partners who have a deep respect and adoration for each other.

I am already counting down the days until their wedding in Florida in May! If their engagement session was this good, their wedding day can only be better! Congratulations Matt and Brooke!


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