The Class of 2021 at the University of Maryland

I will never get tired of photographing grad photos at UMD! I can’t believe it’s been five years since my first paying photography gig (shout out to my RA friend Nicole for that by the way!). Five years ago I got $30 for a set of grad photos and it rocked my world. Someone would pay me to do what I loved?? I just liked taking people’s pictures so much that I’d do it for free…I never imagined making a living from it.

Well, here we are years later and I’m still taking photos for graduating Terps, except now I know what I’m doing. I am eternally grateful for Abby, Ariel, Natalie, and Morgan for choosing me to take their portraits this week. After watching everyone else take their classic UMD shots on the mall, it was finally their turn! These girls met their first week of their freshman year and are still best friends (and roommates!). It all began at Wicomico Hall four years ago so naturally we had to end their grad session there. I love that they will always have these images to remember their time at UMD and how they met. I know these girls will be friends for a lifetime so this is just the beginning of the rest of their lives!

Congratulations to all of these ladies on graduating college! They will go on to wonderful jobs and rule the dang world 👏🏼


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