Megan | A Maryland Senior

I think we all can agree that graduating seniors this year deserve an extra round of applause. So many of their highlights from their junior and senior years have been taken from them. If there was ever a group that needs something special and pampering, it is them!

That’s exactly what Megan thought too. She is graduating Our Lady of Good Counsel this spring so wish her congratulations with me! She hasn’t been able to go on college tours, star in her school musical, or see many of her friends. BUT, she is the happiest, most resilient person I’ve seen in a while! Megan has an infectious smile that is riddled all over these images. I cannot tell you how happy I am to get to work with seniors like her! I seriously could have photographed her all day. She is radiant and grounded. Plus, she can sing?! Whichever college she chooses is about to get an absolute gem.

Happy early graduation Megan!! Please let me photograph you again soon!


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