My Newborn Must Haves

Our little girl has arrived!! Eden Grace Medina joined our family on December 8th, 2020 at 11:31am and it feels soooo good to hold her in our arms. Her arrival also explains why the blog has been a little quieter lately. I am still on maternity leave, but I had to share some of my favorite newborn items with you guys! Eden is one month old today and while we have absolutely nothing figured out, we do have some items that we could not survive the last month without.

I am surprised at how many of you want to see these because I know most of you aren’t pregnant or new moms, but I am beyond happy to share them. Keep on reading to find out what has helped us survive our first month with Eden! I linked all of them for you guys too.

(Keep in mind that these are all newborn essentials, not postpartum ones. Also diapers and baby wipes are an essential, but I’m not including them because they are too obvious)


Copper Pearl Burp Cloths

The BEST burp cloths we have. I registered for about 12 of them and we’ve already ordered more because that was not enough. We also had a lot of muslin ones from Amazon and other places, but they are honestly terrible. They don’t absorb anything and are soaked after one spit up. The Copper Pearl ones are very absorbent and can be used more than once. We honestly don’t use any other ones unless we absolutely have to. We even call the muslin ones the ‘trash burp cloths’ 😝

Boppy Pillow + Extra Covers

I use it every single time I feed Eden and almost every time I hold her too. It helps support my arms and makes it a lot easier and more comfortable to cuddle and feed my little girl! We have two waterproof liners and two covers for it that we are constantly washing. She spits up and pees on them all the time so having a back up is essential.

Pack ‘n Play + changing table attachment 

We use this one from Graco and use it every day. In our 3 story townhome, it’s helpful to have a place to let her sleep and change her in our living room since her crib and bassinet are on a different level. Also, the changing table attachment is super handy because after birth, especially after a c section, not having to bend over too much to change her makes a huge difference.

Reusable Changing Pad Liners

Eden spits up allllll the time while we are changing her and is a big fan of peeing and projectile pooping on Daniel…and everything in her nursery. So these covers are insanely helpful. We have some disposable ones too because six of them weren’t enough! I recommend having at least two packs of these, but you cannot have enough.


We like the Aden & Anais muslin ones and the Copper Pearl stretchy ones!

Mockingbird Stroller

With the infant bassinet! This stroller has been amazing and encourages me to get out with Eden to help with my recovery and exposes her to more than just the inside of our home. I like this stroller because the handle is adjustable, it is compatible with our car seat, and honestly, it looks cute so I feel good walking around with it!

Infant Bath Tub

We had this one that went in our sink, but it was very difficult to use with a newborn who can’t keep her head up. So we got this one that goes in our tub and it’s way easier to use. Once Eden’s umbilical cord fell off, we started using this one and now she loves bath time!

Baby Tracker App

We use this to keep track of everythinggg for Eden. It times her feedings, my pumping, activities like tummy time, any medications or supplements, her sleep, dirty diapers, and more. I have this app open for hours a day. Our pediatrician always asks us questions about how many times she pees or poops in a day or how long she’s feeding for and I love it because I don’t have to remember. The app remembers for me! One less thing for my scattered, sleep deprived brain to worry about. Plus, it’s free. I liked the App Store version, but I know it’s available on Android too!


There you have it! My top newborn essentials. Hope this was helpful to any expecting and new mamas out there!


Let me know in the comments if you have any other newborn essentials to share that worked for you!


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