The Moons | A Washington DC Family

Is it weird to use a client’s image on my Christmas card? Asking for a friend 😜

The Moon family drove all the way from DC to meet me at one of my favorite portrait locations in Howard County, Maryland: the Shrine of St. Anthony. We wanted to give them classic, clean family portraits with a hint of fall and lots of seasonal neutrals. Plus we had to get a few classic Christmas shots of their adorable girls!

I have had the privilege of photographing so many girls this year. Each session gets me more and more excited to meet Baby Girl Medina! The Moon family was a dream to photograph. Coco and Eloise, their children, could not stop hugging each other and their parents. It was precious to get a glimpse into their loving family. Nancy and Nick are navigating working full time and being full time parents so well. I am not sure how they had the time to get everything ready for their session!

It is encouraging to see how happy clients are with their images, especially after they have read and followed my style guide for portraits! There is a method to the madness y’all. The Moons were completely flexible and trusted me every step of the way. I love getting to help families like them remember what life looks like right now. I’m sure in just a few months it’ll look completely different!

You do not want to miss these images. They are perfect inspiration for anyone planning to have their portraits taken!

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