Lindsey | A Reservoir High School Senior

This is the perfect year to treat yourself a little bit, especially when it comes to your senior photos! That is exactly what Lindsey thought. Yes, her senior year of high school looks way different than she expected. But no, she has not let it mess with her spirits! Lindsey is probably the sweetest girl I have ever photographed and you can totally see her cuteness on camera. She is a girl with two sides to her personality. Her soft and gentle side paired with her giggly and goofy side make one perfect package!

She is in the midst of applying to colleges, taking AP classes, and trying to navigate all the things that come with her senior year. Lindsey is also a swimmer and occasionally a runner. Let’s just say, I am currently very jealous of her core strength and ability to easily sit down on the groundÂ đŸ˜… Also, I am definitely jealous of her big beautiful eyes! Heather from Brushed Beauty did her make up for our session and absolutely rocked it. Lindsey’s natural radiance completely shined through!

I think I’ll stop raving and let you guys see her beauty for yourselves…


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