Emily | A Sunflower Senior

There are a lot of things about Emily’s senior year that look different than she expected. I mean, she hasn’t even gone to school yet! However, she is as giggly and cute as ever. She was determined to have one thing this year not be affected by COVID: her senior portraits. That’s where I come in!

We met up yesterday evening at the Sunflowers of Lisbon 10 acre sunflower field. From the moment she reached out to me, she knew that her session had to be done in a field of sunflowers. They are a popular location for many types of sessions, but they hold a special place in Emily’s heart. Her dad has always called her ‘sunflower’ because of her bright personality. Their family actually grows some of their own too! Basically, they were the perfect backdrop to capture who Emily is right now.

Like most seniors, Emily is in the midst of all the craziness that comes with senior fall. She is applying to colleges, trying to figure out what her next steps are, and attending virtual high school at Northeast High School in Pasadena. Her dream is to attend Vanderbilt next year! I can’t wait to see where she ends up because any school would be lucky to have this sunflower walking their campus.

Emily absolutely rocked her session and I think you’ll all agree with me after checking out these images. Her laughs are too cute and her fun energy comes across in every photo!


  1. Allison Tucker says:

    Emily you are so beautiful! These are wonderful photos.

  2. Bob Tucked says:

    Dang Emily I see you!!! Making moves out here as a senior! Senior year doesn’t have a chance against you. Keep going good!

  3. Mama says:

    Emily you radiate joy! Shine your goodness over the world.

  4. Patty Tucker says:

    How will you choose just one or five? They are all beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what school you choose. Confident you will bring sunshine and joy to everything you do.

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