Dena | A University of Maryland Graduation

I honestly thought with COVID-19 I would not do a single senior or grad session this year, and it broke my heart. My business began in College Park at the University of Maryland taking grad photos for my fellow Terps. Every year, I look forward to these sessions! I was so sad because I genuinely didn’t think I would be able to take pictures of proud graduates in one of my favorite places. Grad photos are something that a lot of seniors look forward to and to think that they are another thing the class of 2020 has been robbed of continued to break my heart for them.

BUT I WAS WRONG! Dena reached out to me a few weeks ago saying she really wanted grad photos once it was safe. She was coming back to campus to move out of her apartment and it was the perfect time to make some memories! She has completed a double degree in Dietetics and Journalism. Way to go girl!! And in September, she is starting her dietetics internship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital back home in Manhattan. She is able to combine her medical knowledge of nutrition with her prowess as a writer to create content for all kinds of publications, including her own nutrition blog! I don’t know about you, but it seems to me like this girl is going to be very important one day…

We met up last night at one of the most iconic places on campus, the McKeldin fountain. I will never get tired of taking grad portraits around this campus!! Dena felt like a long time friend, which is how I know she is the perfect #MarieMedinaSenior! She could not have had a better attitude about a wrench thrown in her senior year. On top of her double major, she was editor and chief of one the university’s newspapers and a nutrition coach! I seriously cannot wait to see where this girl goes because I know for a fact that she is going allll the places!

Keep on scrolling to see some of my favorites from her grad session! You know it was a good one because I have way too many favorites!

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