Unique But Elegant Ideas to Liven Up Your Wedding

It’s a new month, which means it’s time for another “For Brides” wedding planning post for y’all! And I definitely owe you a good one because the craziness of September got the best of me and I skipped it last month. Sorry! 5 weddings in 4 weeks was enough to keep me busy apparently. But I LOVED every second of it and I am back with y’all on the blog.

So this month, I’m going the inspiration, not the advice, route with all kinds of non-traditional and unique things to incorporate into your day! There are lots of cheesy ideas out there on this topic, but I am only giving you ones that I think are still classy and will keep your big day elegant (and maybe a little more fun!). Not every idea will work for every wedding, so use your discretion!



Bubbles are a super fun way to bring your wedding to life and get your guests involved! You can do a bubble exit from your ceremony or reception, have them during your first dance, or even have an entrance to your reception with them! Bubbles also photograph really well because they are clear and most venues don’t have the same restrictions around bubbles that they might have for things like sparklers or confetti.

Bonus: Bubbles are awesome to use if you will have kids at your wedding! They are kid friendly and the little ones will love playing with them!



One of favorite things to incorporate into your wedding day!! I mean, it’s a day of celebration right? So what screams “let’s dance!” like a bunch of confetti?! You can get handheld confetti poppers/shooters, or you can get more professional grade confetti canons. It just depends on which one is more appropriate for your day. In my opinion, if you’re going to use confetti, you can’t ever go too big 🙂

Some times to use confetti are when you’re introduced at the reception, during your first dance, as a send off, or even during the last dance of the night!

Pro tip: Ask your florist to include extra flower petals so we can have some flower petal fun during your portrait time! It gives the same effect as confetti and is biodegradable!



I wish I saw more balloons at weddings. I think if done by a professional, they can look soooooo beautiful and add a lot of fun to your reception. Balloon arches are a much more affordable route than flower arches, but can have a similar effect! Still, if you can get a flower arch, GO THAT ROUTE. They are seriously stunning and the most elegant and timeless thing you can do.

Balloons can be used individually or in a setup to liven up your wedding day. Individually, you can have them fall onto the dance floor during the first or last dance. It’s also really fun for guests and kids to have around during the reception! Or you can have a balloon arch near your cake, the sweetheart table, the entrance to your reception, or just about anywhere! You also have have “Mr.” and “Mrs.” balloons for some fun portraits!

I think balloons are a lot of fun, but you need to be careful about the colors. There is a fine line between classy and cheap with balloons. I would stick with neutral colors (like whites, creams, blush, or even clear balloons) and adding elegant touches like metallic confetti inside or fun tails on them.


Lounge Area

This is an especially good idea if you have an outdoor venue or with lots of outdoor space. You can rent cute couches and chairs to create a unique and incredibly classic lounge area for your guests. It can be the perfect break from the dance floor for anyone, an intimate photo spot for you and your new spouse, or just a place to relax and watch the sunset. There are tons of rental places and event designers who could put together gorgeous spaces for you so you don’t have to stress about how to bring your vision to life!


Normally, I would provide a lot more photos for this post. But these are mostly ideas I have never seen before (but really want to!) so I don’t have many pictures to share with y’all. I’m sure the internet is full of images that can give you inspo and if you need help brining one of these ideas to life, you can always reach out to me! I’m here to help 🙂



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