Fall Mini Sessions with Vansville Elementary School

It’s that time of year again – MINI SESSIONS! This year I hosted two rounds of minis, and the second set was a partnership with the PTA at a local school, Vansville Elementary. I cannot even begin to explain the overwhelming amount of cuteness that took place! Seriously, I won’t be offended if you just scroll down to the photos because these people are so gorgeous. Each family was a blast to work with and I’m pretty sure kids these days are just naturally soooo photogenic! I could not believe how these little kiddos were working the camera and posing without any direction.


We had nine sessions, 8 families, almost 20 little ones, and even a fur baby joined in the fun! It definitely was cold, but these guys were troopers and stuck with me anyway. This was an extra special day for me because I got to meet people who are in my community and get familiar with a school that is just a few miles away from us. I love how this job lets me connect with people from all over and serve them and their growing families. A HUGE thank you to the PTA at Vansville Elementary for working with me on this and for supplying hot cocoa throughout the day that kept the feeling in my fingers 🙂 


Here are some of my favs from yesterday’s mini sessions!

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